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Facilities and Operations

We are the support services to the district serving in many different areas to support the overall process of education.

The Kentwood Public Schools Facilities and Operations department is responsible for the day to day operations of custodial services, grounds maintenance, building maintenance and building controls.  

Our department employees the following team members:

  • 1 Shuttle Driver
  • 3 Groundskeepers
  • 4 Maintenance professionals
  • 16 Head Custodians
  • 38 Building Custodians
  • 3 Support Staff
  • 3 Department Managers

Our Groundskeepers are responsible to maintain over 429 acres of property on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis.


  • Maintain our grounds in the Spring, Summer and Fall.  
  • They are responsible to clear the snow and ice in the winter insure a safe campus for our students during the winter months.  
  • Prep all athletic fields and facilities
  • Repair and maintain playground equipment
  • Act as moving crew for the district needs



Custodial Staff cleans and maintains over 1.7 million square feet of buildings.


  • Our staff cleans over 22,000 sq ft of building per day per custodian

  • The average house in America is 2,687 sq ft.
  • Our custodians, on average, clean more than 7 average America houses per shift
  • We are proud to have Kentwood Public School Employees cleaning our schools.

Contact Information

Phone: 616-698-8848

Department Management Team

Connie Bosma

Facility Event Manager/Purchasing

616-698-8848  Ext. 2

Bill Weerstra

Custodial Supervisor

616-698-8848  Ext. 4

Brett Baker

Managerof Operations

616-698-8848  Ext. 6

2017 - 18 Construction Projects made possible

from the supporters of our district

Our Partners in Construction

Current Projects

East Kentwood High School

  • Athletic Entrance and Cafeteria Addition
  • West Wing Classroom Addition and Office Renovation
  • East Wing Roof Replacement
  • Spirit Shop Renovation
  • Tennis Court Renovation
  • Tennis Court Parking Lot repave

East Kentwood Freshman Campus

  • Collaboration Center Renovation

Glenwood Elementary

  • Boiler and HVAC Replacement
  • Window and Door Replacement
  • Ceiling Grid and Light Upgrade

Hamilton Early Childhood Center

  • Repave parking lot

Meadowlawn Elementary

  • Gym addition
  • Cafeteria Kitchen Expansion

Pat Patterson Athletic Field 

  • Home Bleacher Replacement



Future Projects

Collaboration Centers 

  • Valleywood Middle School
  • Explorer Elementary
  • Challenger Elementary
  • Glenwood Elementary